Tanya Riemann

Tanya Riemann

Tanya Riemann, our web guru extraordinaire, won’t be joining the Bennett-to-the-Bering team on the water, but she’s critical to the group’s overall success and goals. Not only has the Canadian resident been helpful with logistics on the northern side of our shared border, but she’s been involved with all aspects of the journey’s web and social media presence.

That’s great for us because Tanya, a McMaster University graduate, is owner of Platypi Designs Inc., a successful business and website design company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Tanya established the firm in Guelph, Ontario, in 2002. A few years later, John and Tanya met in a campground near Canada’s Bruce Peninsula.  Over a shared campfire dinner, they found that the list of things they had in common was quite long. (In fact, it was Tanya who strongly encouraged John to take up kayaking.)

In 2013, Tanya moved Platypi Designs to Edmonton, and her business has continued to thrive. These days, Platypi focuses on assisting businesses with their web presence through performing website design and statistics audits, strategy sessions and WordPress website implementations.  Platypi has clients across Canada and in Australia.

Tanya continues to enjoy camping and hiking, and she’s taken advantage of her move to Edmonton to periodically visit Banff and Jasper National Parks with spouse Mark and their pocket beagle Tuna. She also runs, likes to cycle, and has been known to participate in the Tour de l’Alberta.  Tanya is also active in numerous civic organizations.